Socal Interactive Driving For Automotive Enthusiasts

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App Features

What this car app can do

Driving Roads

Discover exciting driving roads anywhere in the world

Driver Dashboard

Live data reading and location view

Save / Share Video

Organize your video footage with relating activity

Activity Feed

Get driving stats on all your runs in order and detail

Social Driving

Stay up to date with your friends' activity. No more solo runs! Find drivers cut from the same cloth.


Anonimity is key. Privacy settings enable you to remove locations that reveal your personal information.


Autrun focuses on creating a driving community of like-minded enthusiasts enjoying the open road and the machines that propel them.

Why ? : There is great adventure and thrill on the unknown open road. We meet some of the best people while driving our machines and finding others who share our passion only adds to the experience . Autrun is an app that, when complete, will help drivers find new adventures and meet other enthusiasts.

How ? If you have an Android or iOS device then you can try us out! If you don't, then stay tuned because your device will be next!

"Get out and drive" - is the motto that we are trying to support with this project. Stock, stanced, build, beater, sleeper, racecar, classic, etc... all welcome. There is no admission into the club, only a code of ethics.


iOS and Android apps require a GPS capable phone and dataconnection for best location accuracy.

The Live map view is a great visual indicator of where you have been, where you are going and more important... how harsh the next corner will be.

The Dashboard screen provides live and essential telemetrics. The Speed indicator is dynamic and adjusts background color to current speed. Red background means ~ top speed at that moment.

The Activity screen is a great reminder, story teller and overview of your latest drives and provides basic insight.
It also allows you to follow other drivers and see where they have been driving.
The detailed track view provides you with a granual summary of that run.

Profile. Profiles give you a nice overview of your or others drivers how active they are and what match.